Workshops & Denny's Schedule!
Mud Football ....about 34 degrees,...cold, fun, and memories forever..... Denny (please note the tie) + Navajo students, St. Michaels Arizona, November 1976
10 Great Reasons
to Come to the Workshop!

1. Teaching more than a profession...a PASSION!

2. Dramatically transform and elevate your teaching to a performing art!

3. Research based, classroom proven ...
High Trust Thinking is an advanced, pattened, proven effective,
breakthrough “model of teaching”!

4. Be the “Great Gift” to your students the teacher who students hope enters
their life ....real, caring, and strong!

5. Celebrate with other High Trust teachers, YOU BELONG!

6. 24/7 support from Denny after the workshop!

7. Really know “why you’re successful!”
You’re doing incredible things with students and a great gift to yourself would be to know “why” you’re so successful!

8. Create steady and predictable improvements in student learning and CSAP, WSAL, SAT scores!

9. Live life in a totally positive and caring way: to yourself, your family, your students!

10. Teach from your “moral code” and inspire others with your integrity!













High Trust teachers. .happy, exquisitely skilled, confident, energized in the world!


When you call the coordinators to register, to call in the evening [5-9pm]
when they are home, and to leave your cell or
home phone number on their answering machine. development where educators rejoice!


...advance yourself ....always...
...protect your job...income...your family!



June 2023

Billings, Montana click here for flyer

June 5-9, 2023




Fort Benton, Montana click here for flyer

June 12-16, 2023





August 2023


Goodyear, Arizona
exclusive workshop


September 2023

Lake Stevens, Washington
dates coming



October 2023

Colorado Springs, Colorado
dates coming


November 2023

Tacoma, Washington
dates coming