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Hi! You Fabulous High Trust, Gift to the World!

On this page you will find....just scroll down.

1. Receipt
2. Where to send your follow-up.
3. MSU/Northern info: access grades, order transcripts, 800 number, e-mail #.
4. OPI credit info
5. Adams State College: e-mail, 800 number, etc
6. CDE credit info.
7. Clock Hour info
8. Wrong grade...solution.

1. Receipt

This is an official receipt to state that __________________________ has invested $ _________ into tuition for the:

High Trust Teaching Workshop/___________________________________

Dates: ______________________

Times: _______________________


Dennis M. McLoughlin
High Trust Thinking
Box 5712
Santa Barbara CA 93150
[805] 452-2303

**This is an official document that entitles the above person to all the privileges of this workshop until official grades are available _______________ .

2. Early Grades.

Adams State College [Colorado teachers only] gives early grades. Send your follow up in to Denny, and he'll send the grade you chose to ASC.

DOES NOT GIVE early grades.

•download the reciept, fill it in and initial my name.
•contact Sandy or Janice at MSU/Northern [800 number listed #6] and they will issue you a letter for your school/district.

3. Sending in your follow-up.

Workshop follow up is due 1 month from the last day of class, BUT YOU HAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE NEXT GRADING PERIOD TO GET IT IN ....about 100 days or so.

If one month falls on a Sunday, send it on Monday.
Send it only by regular mail, no e-mail, no fax, no express mail,

Send all parts of your assignment together to:

Dennis M. McLoughlin
High Trust Thinking
Box 5712
Santa Barbara CA 93150

4. MSU/Northern offers High Trust Workshops graduate level credit.

Summer session grades August 14th
Fall session grades December 10th
Spring session grades May 7th

Montana State University/Northern does grades and transcripts ONLY on the internet.

 Click this link to access your grade and transcript:

If they have any questions, please call Sandy in Extended Studies:
1-800-662-6132........ Sandy

7. OPI Credit [Montana teachers only]

At the workshops, Denny will have a OPI form that is to be signed by Denny
and by the workshop participant. This OPI form is your proof of attendance.


8. Adams State College

Adams State College offers the High Trust Workshop
professional development/graduate credit.

Spring session ends May 7th
Summer session ends August 3rd
Fall session ends December 10th

Your grade will be to you about 10 days after the semester ends. Wrong grade or incomplete [for whatever reason] cotact Denny first,......we'll get it straight,...I'll send in the correction..then you can contact them:
Liz/Extended Studies at ASC either by phone, 800-548-6679 or
by e-mail:

9. CDE credit [Colorado teachers only]

CDE credit is offered at the Colorado workshops. You receive
a credit certificate at the workshop.

Investmente: $3.00


8. Clock Hours [Washington teachers only]

Puget Sound ESD offers 30 clock hours for the workshop.
Denny will have a form at the workshop for you and he to sign.
One copy stays with you and is your proof of taking the workshop;
the other form with a $60 check goes to the ESD.


9. You received the wrong grade. Yikes!

Mistakes happen, so now on to solution.

The second you realize you have the wrong grade notify Denny,
do not contact the colleges,
only Denny with your social security # and the grade you chose.

telephone: 805-452-2303
if no answer, wait 10 seconds and my answering service
will activate,...leave your message

e-mail your SS# and grade you chose to:

I will make the correction, and e-mail you confirmation that the process has been completed.

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•phone number!

•when you took the class!

•great time to reach you!