High Trust® Leadership
a science based, performing art!
from the Latin Ducere, "to lead, to guide"

“Our objective will be to support you
to create a lean, agile structure,
with flexibility, optimism, and innovation
that will unleash your faculty’s full potential.”

Dennis M. McLoughlin


1st - School Re-Culturing
Trust is the foundation for shared decision making, and institutional renewal. Without trust, each faction defends its turf, energy goes into conflict.

2nd - School Boards + Administration
Trust is the intangible that allows diversity, and creative decision making. Without trust, extreme positions arise to counter perceived threats.

3rd - Administrative Effectiveness
Trust is the crucial factor in the ability of leaders to convey believability, vision, and confidence. Without trust, the administrator becomes ineffective.

•4th - Site Based Management
Trust is the protectorate of dignity, and the cornerstone in developing a “shared consciousness”. Without trust, teachers feel it's a game.

•5th - Team Building
Trust is the core in coordinating the efforts of teams, and implementing change.

•6th - Communication, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

7th - Professional Relationships
Trust generates creativity, motivation, more positive emotions, and a higher self esteem, all of which translate into healthier teachers. Without trust, the energy, which should go to helping children, is diverted into conflict.

•8th - The Evaluation Process
With trust, evaluations become a process for personal and professional growth. Without trust, a hollow procedure that beckons discord.

•9th - Principal-Teacher Relationships

•10th - Professional Development
With trust, educators perceive workshops as support and care. Without trust, the
workshops communicate criticism:
“You need this.”.

•11th - Personal Risk Taking
Organizational change is only possible with a change of heart from each one of its members. With trust, the excruciating sensation of “letting go” from what is familiar and limiting is possible.

Trust Psychology Can Guarantee
The Success of These Educational Ideas

Total Quality Schools • Peer Coaching • Professional Collegiality • Cooperative Learning • Mega cognition • Gifted Education • Business-School Partnerships • Student Community Service • Expeditionary Learning • Work-Study Programs • Special Education • Vocational Training • Self-Esteem Building • Counseling • Outcome Based Education • Effective Schools Research •

•1-2 day workshops
•5 day, 30 hour intensive workshops

Human Efficiency Designs®

Dennis M. McLoughlin
 instantly likable, sincere, Creator of Trust Psychology,
 High Trust Thinking/Leadership, High Trust Teaching, 31 years in education, internationally acclaimed thinker, US Marine Corps, Shakespearian actor, cowboy

Dennis McLoughlin received
the highest rating we've
ever had as
a speaker.

Dr. Dick Stimpson
Executive Director
Washington Association
of Secondary Principals

Dennis McLoughlin has the
most to do with the teacher
I am today.

Dr. Tim Berg
Teacher of the Year,
Heidelberg (Germany)

Oklahoma ASCD has had the
reputation of having the
big names, and they have
been well received.
Dennis McLoughlin, you are now
THE BIG NAME in Oklahoma.

Dr. Tom Gallagher
President, OASCD
University of Oklahoma

Dennis McLoughlin was
far and away the best
presenter with the
most important message!

Participant ASCD
Summer Institute
Vail, Colorado

My own observations
confirm the reports to me
that the High TRUST
model continues to
make an impact,
and there is a
growing demand.

Dr. Winkle
Department of Education
Queensland Government
Queensland, Australia

My life will never be
the same! I love it! I
want to share the
“High TRUST Model”
with as many people
as possible, so I will
sing the message of
Trust Psychology
far and wide.

Cheryl Johannes,
Principal, Belgrade, Montana

The most dynamic,
and charismatic speaker
in education.

Terry Cardone
Elmont, New York

This High TRUST seminar
was the most beneficial
seminar I've ever
had in my professional
and personal life.

Dick Rice,
Principal, Redmond, Oregon

Thank you for touching
our lives so beautifully.
You are a SUPERSTAR,
Mr. McLoughlin.
You have made
a real difference.

Dr. Richard Slaven
Redmond School District
Redmond, Oregon

This is the most
relevant educational
seminar that I’ve
ever experienced!

Chris Hagan,
Principal, Bigfork, Montana

I can't tell you how exciting and inspirational your seminar was. You are terrific.

Dr. Jack Seifferth
City College
City University of New York
Flushing, New York

We were all most inspired by your contact with us.

Dr. Lesley Krister
Department of Education
New South Wales Government
North Sydney, Australia

I have been an administrato
r for 30 years. Mr. McLoughlin
is the most charismatic,
outstanding, and
knowledgeable person
I have meet.
On a scale of
1-10, he is a 12!”

Dr. John Franco
Westbury School District
Long Island, New York

This was a very special workshop, and one which had a profound effect on me. It was an exhilarating experience!

Dr. Ben Benoit
Principal, DoDDS Germany

Broadly respected, insightful and charismatic Dennis McLoughlin, working literally all over the world with his "High TRUST Model" and Trust Psychology, offers a worthy alternative.

Dr. Robert Emerson Tracy
Educational Researcher
Redlands, CA

Day 1: Theory & Modeling

•Principal: Most Important Person
at the Building Level
•The “3i”...inform..inspire..innovate
•Trust Psychology:
Foundation for Cultural Change
•6 Valleys of DEATH &
2 Canyons of DEATH for principals
•Inspire, lead...never push!

-with the late teacher
-with the teacher that blames
you for not being supportive
-with the teacher who states that you don’t understand
-with teachers who don’t get along
-the sarcastic teacher
-the teacher that is hurting students
but thinks s/he is terrific
-teachers who try to dominate faculty meetings
with personal problems
-teachers who caravan students to the office
and then blame you that they’re “not fixed”
-the teacher who blames you, the students,
parents, society, etc.
-the moody teacher: happy, sad, angry

•Lead “human energy” into creativity, not conflict
•Create a “trust centered faculty”
with diversity & respect!

Day 2: Skills Mastery

•”Front Loading:” the incredible skill of
proactive leadership
•Setting the STANDARDS:
-academic, social, faculty meeting &
with each other, students, interacting with parents
•The RoLe OVeR [the big skill]
problem into solution
•Keeping reality in the present
• Turning problems into NEW areas of GROWTH
•Celebrate your staff the absolute
correct way [never thank them]
•Stop begging, bargaining, pleading...
step out to school excellence
•Inspire teachers to solve their problems
at the classroom level
•”Open Heart Surgery!”®
•”Psychological Judo!”®
•”High Trust = High Achievement”®
•Turn problems into opportunities
•Parents, Board Members, etc.
•Keeping your staff on the “Creative Edge!”®
off the PROBLEM,

Trust is the ability to influence
without resistance.
Dennis M. McLoughlin


have new concepts, new skills, which are totally unique, developed exclusively
.in High Trust over the past 31 years
experience learning that is intelligent, vigorous, practical, "high energy "
experience 25% of the workshop with interaction, 55% in skill development, you leave with
new leadership skills that are real, practical, and benefical to your faculty
have fun, you're going to laugh, renew, re-energize!
lead your faculty to "the eternal truths of education" rather than go from educational fad to fad
discover more ways to influence your faculty, parents, students and community
into a "better way to live" based on thinking, responsibility and TRUST.