High Trust
A science based performing art.
Our big challenge in education is: how do we work with young people in ways that inspire them to learn and choose what is best .
"I totally support High Trust Thinking/Teaching and everything Denny does."

Dr. Joan Wilcox Superintendent of DoDDS

"Best workshop of my life!"

Dr. Nancy Saltzman, 1999 Colorado's Distinguished Principal

High Trust Thinking/Teaching

Teachers are the most important resource/person at school effecting/affecting learning. The teacher [when it comes to learning] is the most important person in the classroom.

Everyone in the district has been employed to support the teachers succeeding with students: our country's greatest resource. As our students are, so is our future.

When you fly an airplane who is the most important person in the airplane? Yes, the airplane was designed for the passengers, but the pilot is the most important person on board. Everyone in the airline company [the districts] is hired to support the pilot [teacher] being successful with the passengers, the most important resource to a company.

Who's the pilot in the classroom?

Philosophy: High Trust Thinking/Teaching

•We are internally motivated. We have free will, a conscience, and are responsible for our behaviors: thinking, doing, and feeling.

•We can all learn the next thing beyond what we already know.

•We teach to the total person: affective, cognitive, and psychomotor.

TRUST: The Foundation

Truth and trust are the essence of teaching and administration.

Trust profoundly affects educational performance, student learning, and organizational health. It is the most critical factor in human relations affecting change, growth, and achievement.

Why? Because it is only a trust relationship that gives unconditional love, the cornerstone of student achievement.

Trust is the key element that turns teacher, administrator, and student energy into achievement, not conflict. Trust is the "critical variable" in human relationships, which predicts success in a friendship, marriage, family, classroom, school, district and community.

Trust is the environment where thinking and responsibility flourish.

Education In Our Beautiful
& Complex World

As the complexity of our society, commerce and international relationships increases, an evolution of "the student-teacher role" in learning is necessary. Student learning must be invigorating: active, hands on, emotionally involving, experience based, and mentally challenging. .

As the student's role changes, so too must the classroom teacher's role evolve. How a teacher conceptualizes and creates teaching strategies to energize this change is the focus of this workshop.

The effective educator of today must possess:

1st - the ability to value students individually, and collectively as our country's greatest resource.

2nd - the vision, energy, commitment, and skills to accept the responsibility of educator: the single most important resource at schools affecting student achievement.

3rd - a foundation of analytical /conceptual skills necessary to motivate and develop the total student: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

How an individual educator, or faculty can grasp and interpret this new reality, create a strategy, and inspire action is the total focus of this program. High Trust Thinking is the workshop that supports educators in establishing optimal learning strategies that develop student academic ownership and intrinsic, "responsibility centered" discipline.


•30 hour intensive workshops

•School and district reculturing

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"This is the teacher, I've been waiting for all my life."

Carolyn Derr Colorado Springs, Teacher of the Year

"I have been an administrator for 30 years. Mr. McLoughlin is the most charismatic, outstanding, and knowledgeable person I have encountered. On a scale of 1-10, he is a 12!

Dr. John Franco
Westbury School District
Long Island, New York

"I will be 100% better, and more

Terri Fleming,
European Teacher of the Year, 1990-1991

"There are some great ideas in education, but Mr. McLoughlin's HighTRUST Teaching, and Trust Psychology are the most positive, and intelligently developed.

Dr. Joel Zuckerman, Principal
Pirmasens, Germany

Dennis McLoughlin received the highest rating we've ever had as a speaker.

Dr. Dick Stimpson
Executive Director
Washington Association of Secondary Principals

Dennis McLoughlin has the most to do with the teacher I am today.

Dr. Tim Berg
Teacher of the Year,
Heidelberg, Germany

Thank you for touching our lives so beautifully. You are a SUPERSTAR, Mr. McLoughlin. You have made a real difference.

Dr. Richard Slaven
Redmond School District
Redmond, Oregon

Oklahoma ASCD has had the reputation of having the big names, and they have been well received. Dennis McLoughlin, you are now THE BIG NAME in Oklahoma.

Dr. Tom Gallagher
President OASCD
University of Oklahoma

"A total positive in every aspect of my life.
Carol Peterson, Omaha Nebraska
It's incredible!